Italian Vacation Is One Of The Best

italian cooking vacation

Take the global ball, or the globe as it is called. Or take an up to date map of the world and what do you get. Seven continents, of which one is deemed to be uninhabitable. And yet it is being inhabited, well, for the time being anyway, and at the time of writing. And out of the remaining six continents there are more than two hundred and fifty countries in the world at least. And there are those who are still putting in stakes for independence. You could go around the world in eighty days in today’s times. But you would still have not been able to circumnavigate all the countries in the world. And why would anyone wish to do that in any case.

They need not because if there is one thing you need to do before you leave planet earth, it is to visit some of the most desirable places on earth. Visiting the world’s ancient kingdoms is a good place to start. Go to Mexico City and skip town and go visit the ancient Maya ruins. Forget about the end of the world that never happened, well, not yet anyway, and feast your eyes on an unusual but advanced civilization. The same splendor and wonder could occur when you visit ancient Egypt, not the hustle and bustle of Cairo. And when you visit Italy, you will be visiting many kingdoms all in one go.

Well, over several weeks if you can prepare a vacation for that long. And a good way to immerse yourself in ancient and modern Italian culture and history would be to take yourself on an italian cooking vacation. Italians love to eat and drink. And they have been doing it better than most others for many centuries too.