Doing the Breakfast in Bed and Breakfast

Keeping beds ready for customers and clients is an easy task for a bed and breakfast manager. Just wash the sheets often, make sure the linins are folded, and check into the rooms regularly to make sure everything is tidy. However, cooking a breakfast for those same customers can be a bit crazy and can really overwhelm first time managers.

First, in order to cut down on running out of supplies, think about the maximum number of hungry people that your hotel can hold. Then try to have enough supplies to make that many breakfast meals stored away. Even if you don’t use them all, having extra is better than not having enough.

Keeping your meals basic, especially if surrounded by restaurants, is also another great way to cut down on stress. By having only a few filling, yet basic options, you’ll be able to make meals quickly and with fewer ingredients. Plus, if people want something that’s not on your menu, then they can go to a restaurant that serves it.

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Finally, have a schedule in place for your breakfast process. If breakfast starts at eight, you need to begin making meals at seven. If you are making basic meals, then the preparation process should be quick or maybe even non-existent. Aim to have meals ready when the first person walks through the door, and you’ll be fine.

If you have staff, it can be helpful to assign them roles in the kitchen. That way, everyone knows what to do at your bed and breakfast provincetown ma keeping the process of preparing, serving, and clearing up breakfast dishes might take a few tries, but it will keep your customers happy and well fed. Plus, a fed customer is often a happier one!