Tips for Food Safety

It’s important that you maintain foods to ensure they’re good to eat. So many foods can become contaminated and risk disease that leave you sick or worse. Salmonella is a common disease transmitted from poultry while mad cow disease is one that ground beef consumers face. Keep the tips below in mind to ensure food poisoning or other food risks do not interfere with your well-being.

Store it Properly

Cold foods should be kept cold. Make sure any items that require refrigeration are put there immediately. Leaving them out causes a risk of contamination and illness if the foods are consumed.

Clean Hands

It’s not just food that should be protected. Make sure you do your part by washing your hands before and after touching food and whenever you change the food items that you touch. Even different types of meat require you to wash your hands to avoid risks of cross contamination.

Label It

date labels for food

Labeling foods ensures they don’t stay in the fridge too long and risk causing stomach upset and other issues. Check out the range of awesome and affordable date labels for food and use them on everything that you put inside the fridge.

Cook Foods Properly

When preparing food, make sure that it is cooked to the proper internal temperatures. Eating raw or undercooked foods is a good way to cause contamination that can leave you sick. Cook foods thoroughly and that worry is obsolete.

Time to Toss

Know when it’s time to toss out food. Leftovers should be tossed after about 3 days. If food is left out in the sun, make sure it is refrigerated within one hour or toss it out to prevent illnesses. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry when food is concerned.